We have two aims we put all our energy in to.

1. Our customers economical succes
2. Environment protection 

We are convinced that both can, in the long run, only be achieved together. We want, that our customers and investorts realise successfull projects and make money with them. We like those projects even more if they have a positive ecological effect on the environment they are situated in. If there might be any negative environmental impact we consider very carefully if we want to do them. In most cases we have refused to do it.
We want to achieve a high economical flexability for our clients. Times are changing faster and faster, therefore we design our biogas plants as flexibel as possible:
  • Highly flexible feedstock - from maize silage to gras or even straw rich horse, cattle, pig or poultry manure
  • Revenue-Mix through sale of electricity, heath and combustibles



We only do the things we do best ourselfs. Many things other people just do better, therefore we work together with them. That way we have created a big network of suppliers, ingenieers, technichians, mechanics, financing and other specialists.

Biogas Management School


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