Wastewater issues?

The operation of hotels, slaughterhouses, in the food industry or other works with a high water usage, inevitably involves the formation of organically loaded wastewater.

The disposal of this wastewater is often associated with smaller or bigger impediments. Maybe you too – like many of our customers – are confronted with one or more of the following issues:

  • Water scarcity
  • High costs of drinking water
  • High costs of waste water disposal
  • No connection to sewage treatment plant
  • Unpleasant smell
  • Complaints of customers, guests or neighbours
  • Water pollution through organically loaded wastewater


Our Solution



Our anaerobic wastewater treatment is installed in a standard ISO-container. One container can clean 90m³ of wastewater per day, which equals 350 people or 200 hotel rooms, and weighs up to 25 tons, when fully loaded.


The System

The waste water treatment system is manufactured with industry standard technology and equipped with pipes made of media resistant plastic, as well as industrial pumps. The system is offered turn-key and ready for usage in a standard ISO container.

After the set-up on site, the system runs fully process automated. All important process parameters are constantly measured and recorded. In combination with a smart PLC control it is possible to guarantee a stable cleaning process and a high performance.

All system-settings can be called up on site as well as on a monitoring portal via GSM or LAN. The parameters can also be sent via text, e-mail or fax.




Low Space Requirement

With a footprint of 15 m², the system requires very little space. It fits easily into a  free corner.

Plug & Play

All installation work within the container is completed during the production process. After the delivery, the container simply has to be plugged and placed on a firm, even ground. Then the system is immediately ready for operation.

Short Construction Phase

8 weeks after ordering the system is ready for operation.


One container is able to clean the wastewater of up to 350 people. Thanks to the compact format, the system can easily  be extended based on a modular principle.

Fully Automated

The complete system is fully automated. No extra staff is necessary to keep the system up and running. One person performing a short daily check and regularly keeping an eye on the system is sufficient.

Energy Production

Our system cleans organically loaded wastewater with anaerobic digestion. In the process biogas is produced which can be converted into electricity with a CHP-unit. The electricity can then for example be used to run your air conditioning.


Thanks to the container-format, the location of the container can easily be shifted, if needed. This makes the system particularly suitable for construction sites or mines.

Low Sludge Disposal Costs

The containerized system uses anaerobic digestion to purify organically polluted wastewater. This process is more efficient and produces 90% less sludge, than the aerobic purifying process in conventional wastewater treatment plants. This way, the occurring costs for the sludge disposal are kept very low.



From wastewater to 2nd use water

Our containerized waste water cleaning system uses the process of fermentation through bacteria to purify waste water. The underlying principle is simple and efficient.

Waste water is pumped into our container. Bacteria inside the container utilize the organic components of the waste water to produce biogas.

This fermentation process cleans the water. The exposure to UV radiation subjects it to additional sanitization.

The remaining product is clean and sterile 2nd use water, perfect for irrigation, grey water use and carefree discharge into flowing waters.


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