Over 20 years ago Walter Danner, Co-founder of Snow Leopard Projects, developed a system to optimize regional organic waste management and usage of renewable raw material. A unique digestion system was developed for various feedstock like organic waste, agricultural waste as well as food production residues and different kinds of renewable materials. It is now possible to easily produce power and heath from fibre rich, fatty, protein and nitrogen rich material.

We have used our vast experience in this field for different projects not online all over the world but also in all kinds of different circumstances. Like the combining Waste and Wastewater Treatment.

Waste and Wastewater Treatment combined

Introducing organic waste bins in the 1990s combined with many green areas, the city of Baden-Baden had a lot of organic material to dispose of. Additionally the contract with the composting plant operator was expiring. Therefore, fortunately wastewater treatment and waste treatment could be combined under one roof.

The municipal council had ambitious goals for their new solution.

  • efficient energetic use of biomass
  • create local material flow
  • high regional value creation
  • climate protection

Unique situations call for unique measures.


Biogas plant in combination with wastewater treatment plant

Initially digestion towers were used to produce biogas from sewage sludge, food waste and fats. When it was time to renovate the towers the treatment plant the community decided to install a biogas plant instead.


Because of very diverse quantities and qualities of feedstock, a normal single stage biogas plant was not an option. Instead, they decided to build a two-stage biogas plant system developed by Walter Danner, now co-founder of Snow Leopard Projects.


Problematic feedstock digested successfully

Using the Batch Hydrolysis a wide variety of feedstock is no problem. Especially hardly digestible materials like yard and garden waste and landscape maintenance residues can now be used to produce biogas instead of being disposed expensively.

With the Batch-Hydrolysis, the digestion process is efficient even when feedstock is changed frequently.

Soil, stones and other impurities settle at the bottom of the hydrolysis tank and can be cleared away when needed.


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