How can running a biogas plant help you in reducing environmental pollution?

A biogas plant enables you to use most organic materials that you would otherwise have to dispose of.

There is no more need to burn your fields after harvesting because you can use the remains in your biogas plant.
Therefore air pollution is reduced and you even produce fertilizer that is save to use on your fields because it´s not contagious.

You can cultivate a wider variety of crops and plants on your fields because you can use them in your biogas plant.
That way you are improving soil health, inreasing biodiversity and it even enables you to work barren land economically


You are not farming and do not have a lot of solid organic materials? But you have a lot of waste water you would like to reuse to save money and make sure ground water does not get contaminated?

From Waste Water to 2nd Use Water

Our containerized waste water cleaning system uses the process of fermentation through bacteria to purify waste water. The underlying principle is simple and efficient.  Waste water is pumped into our container. Bacteria inside the container utilize the organic components of the waste water to produce biogas. This fermentation process cleans the water. The exposure to UV radiation subjects it to additional sanitization. The remaining product is clean and sterile 2nd use water, perfect for irrigation, grey water use and carefree discharge into flowing waters.

Treatment Parameters

  • Reduction of organic pollution (COD/BOD)
  • Elimination of nitrogen and phosphate
  • Biogas production


Possible Application Fields

  • Hotels
  • Small beverage companies
  • Housing Projects
  • Construction sites
  • Wastewater treatment (Waste transfer stations, slaughterhouses, etc.)


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