Background of the HPTC Biogas Plant
The High Performance Temperature Controlled (HPTC) Biogas Plant is a small and modular biogas unit. Due to the special engineering and design a very high biogas production is possible. Different Volumes and capacities are also possible. The design is adapted tp the demand and circumstances of the living conditions in rural areas especially in developing countries.


Production of gas and electrical energy from biomass or organic waste as well as production of fertilizer.

Different locally available biomass as organic waste from households, markets, kitchen waste, villages or restaurants waste or from food processing, but also biomass from the fields can be used as feedstock for the HPTC Biogas plant. Due to the special design high fibrous material can also be digested.
Loval resources in rural areas can be used for the production of energy crops such as grass, sorghum or other available local plants. New jobs can be created for the feedstock production and also for the operartion of the HPTC biogas plant.
Availability of cooking gas and electricity causes development and enriches the whole region. The value remains in the community.

Advantages of a HPTC Biogas Plant

The small biogas plants in developing countries are known for the digestion of cattle or pig manure. The HPTC biogas plant can use the same feedstock but is not limited to these. All kind of organic waste - market waste, agro-processing waste, etc. - is a good feedstock for the biogas production. Furthermore the farmers can produce also energy crops like grass or maize for biogas production.

Feedstock is available everywhere!
In suburbs of cities or in remote villages the HPTC offers the opportunity to produce biogas everywhere. Independent from livestock!

Local waste management
Waste is a nuisance everywhere. It is not put to use and everyone dumps it - the results are bad smell, diseases and water pollution. With the HPTC the organic fraction of the wast can be used for producing energy and fertilizer. Additionally the bad smell can be avoided

Efficient use
Development - especially in rural areas - is blicked mostly by a lack of energy. Typical manure biogas plants do not produce enough biogas for the operation of a genset. The HPTC provides enough biogas to run a genset for 10 hours a day. The electricity can be used for lighting and productive applications like milling machines

Savings for the Rural Community
Petrol is the main fuel for electricity production in remote regions. It is expensive and electricity from petrol drains the money from the villages. The HPTC uses locally produced feedstock. Electricity from HPTC generates income for local farmers and provides job opportunities for local people.


All those effects mentioned above apply, of course, also to larger projects. So if you need more power and don´t have an adequate supply from the grid we are here to help.

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